Finding The Right Bike For Your Cousin

Your cousin's birthday is round the corner and you are thinking about sending him a gift that he will cherish forever. You know that he loves biking; therefore, a bike would be the ultimate present for him. Since he lives in a different city, you will also have to find a bike courier service to transport the gift to him. Since there are many types of bikes available, it is prudent to know more about them, so that you can send him a model that meets his requirements. Find below a list of the different types of bikes available along with their special characteristics.

Hybrid bikes:

Most hybrid bikes are perfect for long distance travelling. They are better than road bikes in the sense that they have a more durable and heavier frame when compared to traditional bikes. It is one of the most popular type of bike and most cyclists are switching over to them because they make a great choice for commuting and touring.

Single speed bikes:

Life is much easier when things are kept simple and this stands good for single speed bikes. The user needs not worry about shifting gears as such bikes do not have any gears. Such bikes, apart from being easier to ride allow you to enjoy your ride instead of worrying about shifting the gears.

Fixie bikes:

Also known as fixed-gear or fixed-wheel bikes these bikes are derived from the machine used for velodrome track racing. As such bikes do not contain any freewheel, they force you to pedal all the time, helping you to develop a fast and fluid pedalling action, and stay fit during the winter. These bikes do not have any brakes. Since such bikes have no freewheel, so the cranks turn with the wheel.

Road bikes:

Designed to be run fast on smooth pavement, road bikes have skinny, smooth tyres as well as "drop" handlebars. One can use them for on-road racing as well. The majority of people find them to be unstable and uncomfortable on unpaved trails, but it is easy and comfortable to ride such bikes on paved trails. They are generally lighter than other types of bikes.

Time trial bikes:

These bikes are designed specifically for the demands of riding against the clock. The number of priority for time trial bikes is maximising aerodynamic efficiency with weight and comfort becoming secondary. They are ideal for cycling on flatter terrain where the difference between winning and losing can be just a couple of seconds.

Folding bikes:

These bikes are easy to transport. You can take them with you virtually wherever you go. The fit comfortably on trains, buses, as well as the smallest of car boots. These bikes have gained popularity ever since they were first introduced in the early 1980s. They typically fold up into the size of a big backpack.

Some of the other bike models include:

Full suspension mountain

Hard tail mountain

Fully rigid mountain

Touring• Beach cruiser





Select one for your cousinNow that you have a comprehensive knowledge about the different types of bikes, select one for your cousin, and transport the same to him with the help of a bike courier service.